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About us

We are the only company in india having high power solar street lights (highway lights, high mast etc.) technology. We have established our entity in year 2007, as Reliance Solar Energy(TM), India House, X50, MIDC, Ratnagiri-415612, Maharashtra, India, having objective of Researching new mechanism on Sun Radiations, harvesting energy thru Photovoltaic and Thermal technology and to introduce while penetrating in urban, rural India by providing various demonstrations on solar energy. We are glad to inform you that our forayed has succeeded in penetrating solar energy in rural and urban area of Konkan and in western Maharashtra, in the life of common peoples and thanks to our RND creations have supported us with excellent results by our owned researched projects.

We provide 10 years free maintenance and guarantee and warrantee to our entire product range and our products are carefully maintained and working perfectly having attendance of more than 345 days in year. We have introduced new log system for after sales maintenance to our installed systems, and many consumers rated our products best available in India. Our sales in private sectors for year 2009-2010 independently in Maharashtra has recorded highest in this segment and having many valuable orders in hands whereby we are applying rigorously, with our sincere efforts and we are sure our sales would be up in current year substantially.

We proudly say that during the journey of all these achievements we have not acquired a single rupee of CFA from any government body. All these RND Projects worth of cores of rupees has been designed develop and installed by our own. Further we proudly say that we have created huge awareness in rural area of Kokan and western Maharashtra about use of solar energy in daily life. Thousands of peoples believe on us and our suggestions are respected very well.

Title of this pic" title="We are single entity, have no relation or concerned with any PLC or group of similer name, and we have no branch or office anywhre other than Reliance Solar Energy(TM) and this name is our property.


Haji Ali Darga Trust

Project complete at Haji Ali Darga, Mumbai. Replacing high power sodium lamp by LED, CREE, USA lights, 100% powered on solar. 365 days working stability despite tropical weather of Maharashtra's sea cost.

Sanjay Ghodawat Institute

Project completed at Sanjay Ghodawat Institute of engineering college ultramodern high beam very powerful lux level with modern design poles. These poles are completely replacement to 400 watt high power sodium lamps. The project is complied by use State - of- Art solar mechanism this should be the first site in India having very powerful lumens in the campus of knowledge city.

Sanjay Bhokare Institute

This project in complied replacing high power sodium lamp providing high lumens in the campus this is the design of the pole are very traditional yet very beautiful.

SSPM College, Kankavali

This project is complied having installed 153 solar street lights in single campus of SSPM engineering college spread over 50 Acers of lush green property the design and lighting are so beautiful they become land mark the lights can be seen from the distance of 15 km way on the hilltop this is also amazing work we are carried out.


We have complied many Grampanchayat requirement and we are doing many as well. The design of this street lights are carried after research of Indian civilization. Having in rural villages in the culture of Indian village primarily divided houses on the cast bases e.g. Maratha wadi, Bramhan wadi etc. where by the same community house stays in wadi. This wadies usually having 2 to 3 km distance among them and our street lights design in a way they support villagers with sufficient lights to walk over inside connected roads. Truly these are the finest solar street lights recognized in Indian rural life established in village.

Home Light System

Our home light system called as "Indira 20" is total replacement for electricity. We don't change any wiring inside of house already having, an uploading our system to the existing electrical design in the house.


Sr.No. Name of System Watt Images Amount(Rs.)
A) Very smart washing machine, Can wash sparkling clean 4-5 cloths in just 5 minutes, Needs less than ₹1/- power, portable, carry with you whenever you go.
It's don't dry only wash.
Made in India product with 6 months warrantee, all spare parts available, if properly used, it will support you not less than 3-4 years.
2.5 KG and 1.5 feet long with 350 watts power motor. 3300/-
B) “Chhava” 30 hours non-interrupted light/ charging by sun or by daylight time - 7to 8 hours per day. Super bright 40 LED lights Made in W. Germany. 2750/-
C) 3Tube, Fan, Mixer Computer, Printers 1000/w available between two sunrise 1000W. 60,000/-
D) “ST 333” Industrial Solar Oven Per Oven 1,85,000/-
E) "Indira - 20" Street light. Battery less. 12 year life. Per Pole 25,000/-
F) "Vajra" Solar and Wind Energy Powered Highmast Per Pole 4,75,000/-
G) "Swasti" Solar Cooker Per Cooker 5,750/-
H) "Nano" Home Light System Per system   8,500/-
I) "Indira -20" Single Lamp pole Per Pole 20,750/-
J) "Surksha - 15 " Italian Technology & design, 58mm Vacuum Tubes, 15 years Life. 500 Litters 85,500/-
K) "Surksha - 15" 300 Litters   55,500/-
L) "Surksha - 15" 250 Litters   42,500/-
M) "Surksha - 15" 200 Litters   30,500/-
N) "Surksha - 15" 150 Litters   28,500/-
O) "Surksha - 15" 100 Litters   22,500/-


The Valley of Babylon

Reliance Solar Energy (TM), India House,
X50, MIDC Udhyamnagar Highway,
Ratnagiri 415612. Maharshtra, India.

Email Id :- nazim0303@hotmail.com
Tel:- 0091 2352 270741/42/43
Fax :- 0091 2352 270740
Mobile No :- +91 70578 67802
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